[midvalleybirds] Spring....

Mary Garrard springazure1 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 7 11:23:07 PST 2019

….coming up.

I am cheered despite the lingering frosty mornings to see many American Robins flocking and frolicking about. There was a group of maybe 50 under a Hawthorn tree on campus yesterday, and many more on my walk this morning in the “Ritz” (a County development north over the hill from the water tanks at the top of NW 13th). Also lots of spring-sounding vocalizations from Scrub Jays, Steller’s Jays, D-e Juncos, Varied Thrushes, and others. 

I am impressed by the variety of vocalizations made by Steller’s Jays. I have been fooled many times by their Red-tailed Hawk impersonations, but this morning they made two sounds that I can’t remember ever hearing. My first impression of one was that it was goose-like so I looked up for a flyover, but nothing was flying over and anyway it was coming from the trees and anyway it wasn’t any goose I have ever heard. A STJA soon started up with their usual screeching squawk, so I solved that one. Later I heard another vocalization that I determined was made by an STJA. This sound didn’t have anything familiar about it, but I caught one in the act so solved that as well. I love learning new things about birds!

Happy spring birding!


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