[midvalleybirds] Female Supremo Violet Green Swallow Claims Box Today

Wed Mar 6 09:26:27 PST 2019

Hi Folks,

In a real turn of events, the first Violet Green Swallow show for the area is female supremeo whom is now resting in "her" box. Over the past several years, it's always been the male to show up, alone, stake out the box, go get a female, then hold onto the box. This year, while just having coffee, I saw a flight pattern of a VGSW; getting my binos, stepped outside and saw the female, alone, whom while I was standing on the porch, went into her box and stayed.

However, sadly, this is likely to be a bloody year for swallows. The first hearing of a House Sparrow was on 2/21 and first sighting on 2/26. Both very early. While I have sparrow spookers and catch traps, they're quite elusive out here, so here we go; invasive killers against natives in the suburbs.


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