[midvalleybirds] hummingbird mating behavior?

Susan hatlevis at comcast.net
Sun Mar 3 12:34:19 PST 2019

We have Anna's hummingbirds in the yard presently and we observed some 
interesting behavior the other morning.  Two of them were very close to 
the ground and circling around each other.  We presumed this was mating 
behavior and we were lucky one year to watch one of the males hovering!  
Not to mention the dive-bomb!  Anyway, what was curious is that they 
both layed down on the ground for several minutes.  We were distracted 
for a moment by watching a robin, so we thought we missed them flying 
away. But they were still there and took off simultaneously a bit 
later.  Has anyone seen them lay on the ground like this?  Susie in 

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