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Hi All,


I did not hear of anyone trying the Benton County (BC) side. Jeff F felt the BC side had more forage for a GRYF, thus worthy of looking. While scoping to the west into BC, I could see many eagles, hawks and others gliding high.


For those at Irish Bend Loop, Linn, a Merlin, a Violet-green Swallow and a Turkey Vulture were honorable mentions. Horned Larks were present on nearby David Road and Blueberry Road. Audrey and Courtney found Black-bellied Plovers, I believe circa Lake Creek Dr and Peoria Road. The Tundra Swans (I estimate 1500) from American Drive have moved north to Blueberry Dr. just off Peoria Dr. In the various creeks and sloughs, America Wigeon, Green-winged Teal, Pintail, and Mallards abound. SW of Halsey, large groups of Western Bluebirds can be found.


Thanks for the comment Rebecca. I was used to greeting cars driving up where the words “binocs” and “Gyrfalcon” were welcome, but when this gentleman tore off his cell headset in disgust at the word of “rare bird… birders”, I shifted gears. In one long ago case, he mentioned seeing 2 seemingly lost people, trying to approach them to help, but they called the sheriff to report they were being stalked.




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I am about to head south on Peoria Rd from Hwy 34

 Anyone try the Benton County side of the Willamette? That's my inclination. The river is no barrier to birds, and there's typically more Cacklers in BC


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Thanks for being our ambassador!  Connecting positively like this with property owners is really important, and I appreciate what you did.

I couldn't make it back out today, but perhaps I'll chase a bit tomorrow....



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Lots of chasers today, no luck so far.


I did meet an adjacent landowner at the spot, and he was initially very upset by all the action, and the potential for trespass! He said he deals with lost people often, and people who walk on the nearby private farm roads. Apparently some maps still show a river crossing (was a ferry?) on his property, and people insist on finding it. After 15 minutes of talk, he was calmer, and telling me about the bird boxes and perches he has installed.


Let's show him how well birders behave!




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