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Including Jeff, I counted 10 of us trying to relocate Jeff’s just-after-noon GYRF, looking from about 2:00pm until dusk. After 5 of us dispersed, I looped back an hour later, hooked up with another gathering, and for a brief moment the second gathering saw a likely GYRF flying low and towards the north. We drove up to Pine Grove Dr, which felt like the northern extent for the GYRF, but no go.


I’ll probably see some of you tomorrow.




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Audrey and Courtney will be looking for the Gyrfalcon from 3pm-sunset (if need be) today (Friday). 

Since Gyrfalcon is a hidden (protected) species on eBird, we won’t be able to see ebird reports posted if someone else refinds it. 

Please post to OBOL if refound or contact me directly - it would be a life bird for me! Would really love (so much) to see it. 


Thank you for helping!  




P.S. We saw Bruce Pratt’s continuing female Rose-breasted Grosbeak in Corvallis 7:37-8:10am this morning with Bruce, Nick, and Maureen. Thanks Bruce!


Courtney Kelly Jett, Bend, Oregon

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Hi everyone,

Doing a raptor survey today and am looking at a smoky gray colored/ brown GYRFALCON through my scope👍. Location is on Irish Bend Loop west of Peoria Rd.  Take the north potion of the loop and where the road turns south the bird is at the top of a for tree to the NW of the corner.  Currently preening.   Gonna need a scope to see it clearly, too far for binocs.  Good luck chasing it!!

Jeff Fleischer
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