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The main roost is on the Calapooya, a cottonwood grove that has held up to
135 when folks were monitoring it nightly. Parking at Seward and McClagan.
A private road heads due east from there ,pointing to the roost. Almost a
mile distant. Even with a scope the eagles are dots in the distance.

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> +Mid Valley Birding wrt Tangent,
> Is there a scientific definition of "eagle roost"? Quick googling yields
> varied discussion that I would dangerously summarize as: 'communal night
> roosts for sleeping' and 'scattered day perches for hunting'. Some roosts
> are just used for days+ instead of year after year, and should be called
> 'transitory roosts'. Roosts sizes are 'from one up to several hundred
> adjacent trees' or 'trees within 100 meters of each other'.
> Having commuted on the southern edge of the so-called Tangent Night Roost
> 400+ times (Bell Plain Dr), I often see up to 23 individuals in small
> groups over several square miles (Paul's "forage during the day over quite
> a wide area"). When livestock are down, said individuals and small-groups
> will concentrate into a single 40 acre field.
> For the mid-valley birders, is there a clump of trees that represent THE
> Tangent Roost, or is it just the region? One seemingly authoritative eagle
> roost mapping site shows many roosts in Oregon, but nothing for the Tangent
> Roost.
> https://ccbbirds.org/what-we-do/research/species-of-concern/species-of-concern-projects/national-eagle-roost-registry/
> Maybe I/we need to get the Tangent Roost listed?
> --tg
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> Chuck et al,
> Are you aware of the Bald Eagle nightly roost near Tangent that get 50 or
> more birds at its peak?   Also consider the night roost at the Bear Valley
> NWR west of Worden (south of Klamath Falls).
>  I think these roosts are comprised of birds that fan out to forage during
> the day over quite a wide area, then come together at dusk to spend the
> night together.
> Why?  Certainly the Bear Valley refuge roost provides shelter from winter
> storms.
> Paul Sullivan
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> Subject: [COBOL] Amazing number of eagles in Powell Butte
> Cindy Zalunardo called me and said she had 14 Bald Eagles in one roost
> tree around 6:00PM tonight on Parrish Lane east of Powell Butte.  There was
> just enough light that I thought I would go check it out.  Of course she
> did not have 14 Bald Eagles in one tree.  That would be ridiculous. She had
> 20.  Though the light had faded by 6:30, it was still easy to make out all
> 20 in the last light of the day.  Absolutely amazing.  I looked it up, 57
> is the highest number of Bald Eagles seen in one day. That was along the
> Crooked River in 1988 (Eagle Eye) but that was over a
> 20+ mile route.  Of the 22 times that more than 20 Bald Eagles have been
> reported from one site, most of them come from Wickiup which covers a huge
> area.  I think this is the largest number of eagles reported in one tree
> from Central Oregon since record keeping started.  Another great find by
> Cindy Z.
> The mystery is why so many.  Are they using Houston Lake?  I was there
> just there two days ago and there was only one Baldy there. Where did these
> guys come from?  A typical raptor route tally for all of Powell Butte
> usually has less than 5 Bald Eagles.  Hmm.
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