[midvalleybirds] Re: [MidValleyNature:4971] ID puzzle

Lisa Millbank millbank.lisa at gmail.com
Wed Jul 24 09:23:13 PDT 2019

Hi Mary,

My feeling is that it's most likely a young Great Horned Owl.  It's common
to hear single youngsters begging incessantly, sometimes even during the
day.  That said, this recording doesn't sound exactly like most of the
begging calls I've heard, but they vary quite a lot.  Some of the qualities
of the sound may not be coming through on the recording.  There are lots of
recordings to listen to online and you might be able to judge whether
they're a good match to what you're hearing.

The habitat where you live is ideal for Great Horned Owls, but not really
attractive to Barn Owls.  Most Barn Owl sounds, including the begging
calls, are raspy, very drawn-out, hissing shrieks.  It wouldn't surprise me
at all to hear a male shrieking while flying over that part of town, but it
would be pretty unlikely for one to hang out there all night for weeks.

Lisa Millbank

On Wed, Jul 24, 2019 at 8:05 AM Mary Garrard <springazure1 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone, I’m blitzing my groups hoping that someone can confirm or
> deny my ID.
> I live in NW Corvallis at the top of Angelica in the Charlemagne Heights
> area. We have a lot of big-ish Doug firs and oaks..
> I’ve been hearing interesting screeching vocalizations for maybe a week or
> two, but I’ve been in and out of town so they may have been going on
> longer. At first I thought it was just one individual, but there could be
> more than one.
> Last night I went out about 10pm with my phone and tried recording with a
> sound recorder app but it didn’t capture the sound very well, so I recorded
> video and it did better. Still not very good. I have more recordings if
> this one isn’t enough.
> After much puzzling and internet scouring, I’ve concluded that they are
> Barn Owl vocalizations. If you have time, have a listen and let me know
> what you think. It would be a great add to my yard list of owls! I have
> limited experience with Barn Owls and have never heard them vocalize, but
> if it isn’t I’m back in the dark (as is this creature).
> https://www.dropbox.com/s/iup9wuberwwmneh/barn%20owl%3F.mp4?dl=0
> Thanks!
> Mary
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