[midvalleybirds] Teloh-Calpooia Park Area Update

Tue Jul 23 14:51:29 PDT 2019

Hi Folks,

For the first time in 5(?) years, the summer high temperatures are near the historical normal, the result was a significant difference in the flora and fauna of the flats. While having morning coffee in this July, the air is full of fighting and bickering kid Violet Green Swallows (VGSW), sounds of other birds with juveniles, and a pleasant vision of native plants still blooming. The previous five years have had an eerie stillness with an overall tiredness of the plants.

Birds – This year has been a clear banner year for the VGSW. For the supremo box (front) they got six out; two visited with mom the evening of the empty nest day and four visited with dad the following morning. The backyard west box got somewhere around ten out; they kept on jumping and jumping. The backyard east box now has chirping with the parents still able to feed the kids due to the available insects in the area. A probable Willow Flycatcher, based upon environment, size, and wing bars was spotted in Teloh-Calapooia Park (TCP). I only got my eyes on it as I was cutting Teasel in the shrubs along the slough, but as it looked like a Western Peewe, but smaller with noticeable wing bars, so it was likely a Willow. Two Pine Siskins were spotted in a small mixed flock of Finches. The local Vaux Swift pair got out four and the family have been on patrol the past few days. This period saw dads; a Flicker and a Downy, feeding their respective daughters at the suet feeder.


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