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Hi all, 

I just received this via a Soap Creek neighborhood newsletter. I haven't researched the issues but I know this area is of interest to many local birders who visit McDonald Forest., hoping to see Hermit Warblers, Olive-sided Flycatchers, forest grouse, and perhaps even a Spotted Owl, as well as other old-growth flora and fauna. In recent years, there has been some indication that another sensitive raptor species may have used this area as part of its nesting territory. 

I'm not personally endorsing this petition (at least not yet, without looking into it further). But I encourage Midvalley Birding list subscribers who have more information on forest issues to share your thoughts. 

My initial reaction is puzzlement as to how any short-term revenue from logging 36 acres of old-growth could outweigh the long-term research value of maintaining such a stand on university-owned land within 20 minutes' drive of OSU's main campus. 


Nancy Hyde wrote: 

The following is information from our neighbor Doug Pollock: 

"New Website & On-Line Petition for Friends of OSU Old Growth 

I'd like to express my sincere thanks to the many neighbors who've expressed concerns about OSU's recent cutting of old-growth trees near Baker Creek. We've formed a new group, "Friends of OSU Old Growth", aimed at preserving the remaining old-growth trees and forests on forest lands managed by OSU. You can learn more at our website: www.friendsofosuoldgrowth.org 
We've included background info., lots of photos, and a link to an interactive map of the OSU forests. We also have a petition (supporting the preservation of the remaining old-growth trees and forests on lands managed by OSU). If you support our cause, please consider signing the petition (if you've already signed a paper version of the petition, feel free to sign the electronic one, as well). 

Since my first note to neighbors, we've learned much more about OSU's recent (~16-acre) harvest - and an adjacent (~36 acre) stand of unprotected Old Growth near Sulphur Springs. One of the trees cut was verified to be 420 years old! Many were in the 160-300 year range. By OSU's own Research Forest Plan, these trees should have been protected. Unfortunately, OSU abandoned their plan 10 years ago. We're now focused on preserving the remaining Sulphur Springs stand which has several dozen large, old trees. In response to our efforts, the Dean of the College of Forestry has put a temporary halt on the cutting of old trees in OSU's pending harvests. We hope to work with the Dean to preserve the remaining old-growth trees and forests. You can support our efforts by signing our petition and spreading the word among friends, family, colleagues - anyone who shares our passion for preserving Old Growth. 

Thanks for your continued support! 
Doug Pollock (& Friends of OSU Old Growth)" 

Joel Geier 
Camp Adair area north of Corvallis 

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