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Hi Andi & All, 

I don't know for sure about quail, but from raising baby Ring-necked Pheasants as a 4-H project as a teenager back in Minnesota, I recall that by 7-10 days or so they could start to fly over the 2-ft-high dividers that we had set up to keep them closer to the heat lamps. 

And even after that experience, I was caught off-guard when I tried to raise a batch of Chukar (Partridge) chicks in an unused feed wagon that had 6-ft high sides. All of them escaped before I even started to think about covering the top of the wagon. 


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I was watching a California Quail family in Finley yesterday when they 
noticed me and crossed the road to to duck into the bushes. The tiny 
babies were scurrying across the road and suddenly started FLYING! 

These guys were about 1/4 the size of their mama. I knew they start 
feeding immediately upon hatching, but I can't find any info on how soon 
they fly. Can anyone point me to a source? 


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