[midvalleybirds] Evening Grossbeaks and stuff

Frank Kolwicz fhkolwicz1 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 2 18:51:21 PDT 2019

A family of Evening Grossbeaks was in our yard today, about 15' from 
where we were sitting. The male was feeding a fledgling from our oil 
seeds and the female was drinking and bathing under the shelter of a 
small Magnolia stellata. We usually see them around the yard, but never 
so accepting of our presence.

Elsewhere in my bird photography rounds I've had the first of season 
Orange-crowned Warblers for the last couple of days and the first 
fledgling today, plus male and female Bullock's Orioles, but no 
youngster. I guess that means the Orioles nested somewhere nearby and 
were still foraging for nestlings that I hope to see soon, too.

Some of the Western Bluebirds have fledged from the nestboxes I put up 
on a ranch property nearby, but others are still indoors. There aren't 
as many as last year in those boxes for whatever reason. I've put up 
another 5 pairs of boxes on a different property, but had to wait 'till 
the end of May, so we didn't get any takers, other than Swallows. Maybe 
next year!

Cedar Waxwings have started flycatching over a pond and in Willows on a 
property north of Baskett Slough which, incidentally, had the first 
adult Great Egret I've seen at the narrows of late.

Except for resident Black Phoebe, flycatchers are scarce so far in my 
usual haunts.

in Monmouth

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