[midvalleybirds] Virginia Rail family at Finley

Nancy Stotz nstotznew at gmail.com
Mon Jul 1 16:21:34 PDT 2019

My husband and I walked the Cheadle Marsh loop at Finley NWR this morning,
and we were treated to an adult Virginia Rail foraging out in the open. The
bird was darting and dashing about, giving a loud nasal 'skeep' call.
Eventually we realized there were at least 4 little black fuzzy youngsters
hiding in the vegetation at the edge of the marsh. The adult was catching
what appeared to be small fish, and running over to the edge of the marsh
to deliver them to the young, who mostly stayed hidden. I did manage photos
of one of the youngsters (included in the eBird checklist here
 and shot a decent video of the adult foraging, posted here

I also tried for a video of the adult delivering food to the kids, but was
less successful. It's quite shaky since I had trouble following the adult
as it ran across the marsh, but it does capture the moment when the 4 kids
scatter when the adult leaves to go start fishing again. That video is here

We also had a very pale Marsh Wren singing at McFadden Marsh (right by the
bridge). Not sure if it's a young of the year, or just a very worn adult,
but it had me going for a second, thinking it might be a Sedge. But, all
the songs I heard were Marsh Wren songs, and its bill length and wing
pattern are wrong for Sedge. Photos in checklist here:

Nancy Stotz

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