[midvalleybirds] Dunn Forest Owl Grand Slam

Pam and Randy Comeleo rottyler at peak.org
Thu Jan 31 23:37:40 PST 2019

Tonight between 4:30 and 6:40 pm we heard 4 different species of owls at
Dunn Forest!


The first was a Western Screech Owl performing its bouncing ball song. We
heard it from the 110 rd shortly after we exited the Scout Trail. It sounded
like it was in the area where the Scout Trail crosses Berry Creek.


Owl number two, heard from farther up the 110 rd, was a Northern Pygmy whose
tooting seemed to be coming from the still forested area above the new 200
rd clearcut near the 200/320 rd intersection.


The third owl of the night was a Great Horned Owl who started hooting as we
headed down the 110 rd towards the 100 rd. It sounded really close - and it
was! I located its silhouette in an oak just beyond the row of Doug Firs
lining the road. We watched it lean forward and raise its tail as it hooted
a few more times before flying away to continue its concert farther up the


The caffeinated tooting of a Saw-whet Owl started up as we neared the
110/100 rd intersection, completing our owl grand slam. A brave little owl
singing so close to that Great Horned!


It's been a very owl-y week at Dunn. Tues night (1/29) we heard a Northern
Pygmy Owl on the 320 rd near the intersection with the 200 rd. Possibly the
same owl we heard tonight. Wed night (1/30) a Saw-whet Owl was singing on
the 110 rd very close to where the Great Horned Owl was tonight. 


Owl love is definitely in the air and it's still a couple of weeks until
Olwentine's Day!



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