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The above species will roost communally in winter. White-tailed Kites can
also join the slumber party. My father and l once flushed a dozen each
harriers and short-eared owls from an apparent roost south of Royal Avenue.
It was mid-day in Nov/Dec 75. That was before the present system of
dikes/impoundments/regulated hunting. Reed canary grass was head high on a
human from Royal to W.11th. The following year l was out of the country. It
was possible to visit Royal Ave at dusk and see over a dozen kites at once
gathered near the aforementioned roost.

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> On 1/15/2019 3:00 PM, birding-request at midvalleybirding.org wrote:
> > 15 Short-eared Owls put on quite a show at the Prairie Overlook chasing
> each
> > other and "barking" - started with 5-6 but more and more appeared after
> the
> > Northern Harriers had gone to bed.
> Hi Pam and everyone,
> They both have similar flight patterns, similar meadow habitats, and
> presumably similar foraging strategies. I've heard people say that as day
> turns into night, harriers turn into short-eared owls. I have certainly
> never seen them in the same room together.
> Dave
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