[midvalleybirds] Finley N. Shrike

Pam and Randy Comeleo rottyler at peak.org
Mon Jan 14 22:53:14 PST 2019

We spent a couple of hours at Finley this afternoon.  At 4:40 pm we spotted
a Northern Shrike perched on the electric wires on the South side of Finley
Rd along the conservation wetland. We pulled over and set up our scope and
watched it for about 10 mins. It was fairly active, dropping down and
disappearing into the grass and then flying up to the wire again several
times. At one point it flew into the wetland and perched on a cattail at the
edge of the Typha stand within view of the road. Never close enough for
decent photos.


Other highlights of the afternoon:


2 Rough-legged Hawks on Bruce Rd - one of each flavor (Light and Dark morph)


Pair of Bald Eagles on their nest in a tall cottonwood E of Hwy 99, SW of
Eureka Rd at the E edge of an ag field 


2 White-tailed Kites flew over us at the Prairie Overlook platform headed to
the NW in a hurry, presumably to a night roost


15 Short-eared Owls put on quite a show at the Prairie Overlook chasing each
other and "barking" - started with 5-6 but more and more appeared after the
Northern Harriers had gone to bed



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