[midvalleybirds] 3 Hooded Mergansers and a snipe

Don Boucher donaboucher at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 13:52:19 PST 2019


I took a lunch break at Bruce Starker Arts Park today. At the pond, there
was one male Hooded Merganser enjoying the company of two females. There a
5 American Wigeons and one Eurasian x American hybrid. There were a few
Cedar Waxwings in the trees and a mixed flock of about 30 White-crowned and
Golden-crowned Sparrows.

There was a Bewick's Wren singing. In the last week and a half, it seems
Bewick's Wrens have been sing a lot more than in December.

While walking along the shrubs that divide an empty lot with the OSU
Foundation, I startled a Wilson's Snipe. I almost never see snipes before
they up and fly, while they make that grunt sound. Sometimes they show up
away from flooded fields, like lawns, field edges or empty lots, and I'm
always surprised by them in these contexts.

Don Boucher

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