[midvalleybirds] Linn Co Yellow-shafted Flicker

Deanna Emig qhjumper at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 10:00:36 PST 2019

I just found a Yellow-shafted Flicker off Pirtle Dr (it's a road that goes
between Oakville Rd and Meadow Rd) near Albany. I'm not as familiar with
them, but I'm pretty sure it isn't an intergrade. Please correct me if I'm
wrong with my description below. I was unable to get a photo, but got a
good view with my bins. As I was driving it flushed from the side of the
road. The yellow tail and wing feathers caught my attention so i stopped.
It crossed in front of me and landed in a tree. I got my bins on it and it
had red on the nape, a black malar stripe, and yellow on the wings and
tail. It sat for a few seconds more before flying off behind the houses.
Here's the GPS in case someone wants to go searching. 44.5992,-123.1425

Deanna Emig

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