[midvalleybirds] Dunn Forest Acorn Woodpecker

Pam and Randy Comeleo rottyler at peak.org
Mon Jan 7 22:26:50 PST 2019

This afternoon, after a quick detour to see the Harris's Sparrow, which
hopped into view at around 3:10 pm after a pleasantly sparrow-y 10 minute
wait, we headed out to more typical Comeleo habitat, Dunn "Forest".  Just
before the intersection of the 100 and 110 roads I stopped dead in my tracks
when I heard a bird call that twisted my brain in a knot because it seemed
so out-of-place. It was an ACORN WOODPECKER.


Not a rare bird, but an odd location for this species - at least in our
relatively brief experience. In 20 years of frequent hikes at Dunn we have
never heard or seen one there. I soon located the clown-faced wonder high
atop a tall, spindly, oak and was able to point it out to Randy before it
flew across the 110 towards the 100. I relocated it again along the 100 rd
at the top of another oak where we left it to ponder its options. 


Too bad we didn't find it during the CBC on Saturday.





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