[midvalleybirds] Common birds: Bewick's Wrens and Golden-crowned sparrows

Caleb Centanni caleb at centanni.com
Mon Jan 7 17:18:36 PST 2019

Bewick's Wrens and Varied Thrushes are extra abundant this winter in the
coast range foothills where I live in Polk County. Walking a mile down the
hill this winter I'll hear another Bewick's like every tenth of a mile,
especially in the more open areas. Normally it's only been one for the
whole walk in past years. Varied Thrushes are even more abundant.

Golden-crowned Sparrows just increased in numbers on the hill. West of
campus in Corvallis though, there have been a few around since early
October, along with more than one White-throated. Interesting stuff.

On Mon, Jan 7, 2019, 10:43 AM <clearwater at peak.org wrote:

> Hi all,
> Saturday while covering three of the four main tracts of Luckiamute State
> Natural Area as part of the Airlie-Albany CBC, walking about 7.5 miles in
> the process, I had contrasting experiences with two common species:
> BEWICK'S WREN: In the first patch that I covered (back part of the
> Vanderpool Tract and Willamette Botanicals tract behind headquarters), I
> tallied 23 Bewick's Wrens while making a big loop along the wooded edges of
> the area, and zigzagging through a broad strip of 10-year-old native
> tree/shrub plantings. There was more habitat of the same type that I didn't
> manage to cover. Several of the wrens were singing.
> By the time I got to the other areas (Luckiamute Landing Tract and front
> part of Vanderpool Tract)and a light drizzle was starting to fall
> intermittently, and bird activity seemed to be reduced. I wound up with 33
> Bewick's Wrens for the morning, but I wouldn't doubt that are upward of 100
> in the area.
> GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW: This was just the opposite. I didn't find a single
> Golden-crowned Sparrow until I was finishing up in the Vanderpool Tract,
> when I came across a flock of a dozen or so. By that time I'd recorded
> every other species of sparrow that we normally find here in winter, except
> for Savannah Sparrow. In years past, I would have expected to encounter
> closer to 200 Golden-crowns for these same areas, with that amount of
> walking.
> Typically we find on the order of 100 Bewick's Wrens and 1000
> Golden-crowned Sparrows on this count. It'll be interesting to see how this
> year's totals compare, and what other Willamette Valley CBCs have been
> finding.
> Has anyone else been finding anomalously high or low numbers of one or the
> other?
> --
> Joel Geier
> Camp Adair area north of Corvallis
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