[midvalleybirds] Eurasian Green-winged Teal along Bruce Rd. at Finley NWR

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Mon Jan 7 08:45:43 PST 2019

Sorry, I was going to fold this into the previous posting but it was getting long enough as is. 

Also yesterday (Jan 6), south at Finley NWR along Bruce Rd., Pam Otley photographed a male "Common" Teal (Eurasian subspecies of Green-winged Teal). 

It was in the wetland on the north side of the middle section of Bruce Rd., straight south of Pigeon Butte. 

Local birders have referred to this spot for a couple of decades now as "the Bruce Rd. scrape" or just "the scrape," for lack of a better name. Years back local birders were asking if there was some better, official name for this wetland. Molly Monroe informed us that refuge management just called it the "Mitigation Pond," because it was created to mitigate for the construction of Bruce Rd. 

It did start off looking pretty ugly in its early "scrape"/"mitigation" stage, though the bare mud was appreciated by migrant shorebirds. But now it's a nice wetland and a popular spot for refuge visitors to view waterfowl, bitterns, etc. 

I see that eBird calls it "Scrape Pond," sort of a compromise between these two unimaginative names. Perhaps the refuge staff could have a naming contest, if they ever get to go back to their offices. 

Joel Geier 
Camp Adair area north of Corvallis 

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