[midvalleybirds] A few notable birds from the Airlie-Albany CBC

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Sat Jan 5 19:59:40 PST 2019

Hi all, 

Paul Adamus will have the full results later but here are a few birds mentioned at the countdown, that might be of interest to folks who get out in the area tomorrow: 

TRUMPETER SWAN - Two parties working on opposite sides of the Luckiamute River in Luckiamute State Natural Area (Don & Lory Albright on one side, me on the other) simultaneously heard a few calling in the fog overhead, along with a few Tundra Swans. I think the swans landed on private land about a mile and a half west of Suver, unfortunately probably in a bottomland field that's out of view of public roads. But it's good to know that there are still a few in the Suver area this winter. 

SNOW GOOSE and GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE - Found by Jarod Jebousek's team at Ankeny NWR. 

PRAIRIE FALCON - Found by Kai Frueh along the BPA powerline where it crosses Ryals Rd. just east of Adair Village. 

VIRGINIA RAIL and SORA -- Found at Talking Water Gardens in Albany (I think) 

WESTERN GULL -- Isaac Denzer picked a clean adult out out of the big gull flock at Coffin Butte Regional Landfill. 

SAY'S PHOEBE -- Grant Hoyt's team found one off Elkins Rd. near Brateng Rd. (if I remember right, where this count comes dangerously close to the Dallas CBC circle!). Multiple teams found Black Phoebe. 

HORNED LARK -- Mike Lippsmeyer counted 25 in the flock on his farm off Stapleton Rd. south of Independence. 

SWAMP SPARROW -- One found by Jarod & co. at Ankeny is inaccessible during the govt. shutdown. Another was in the north unit of Luckiamute SNA, in the old reed-canary-grass slough (detectable from the interpretive sign about "The River Around You"). At least one more known to be in the circle (found by Nancy Stotz a few days ago in the south unit of Luckiamute SNA) managed to dodge me today. 

BROWN-HEADED COWBIRD -- Still at the dairy on Oak Hill Rd. 

EVENING GROSBEAK -- One lonely-sounding individual flew over the south unit of Luckiamute SNA, calling repeatedly. It reminded me of Lisa Millbank's account of a similarly lonely-sounding grosbeak that flew over her place in north Corvallis last month. 

Thanks to Paul for all of the organization, and thanks to Oregon State Parks staff for accommodating our morning meeting and countdown this year! 

Joel Geier 
Camp Adair area north of Corvallis 

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