[midvalleybirds] Continuing birds: White-tailed Kite and Tricolored Blackbirds, plus a fake Western Wood-Pewee

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Thu Jan 3 18:02:31 PST 2019

I sometimes forget to mention these birds because they've been regular for some months now. 

At least one WHITE-TAILED KITE continues to be seen off and on at the North Prairie Overlook at Finley NWR (which can be accessed despite the federal government shutdown). This has been a regular winter location for multiple kites in the past two decades, though numbers have been lower in recent years. 

Also at least a couple of TRICOLORED BLACKBIRDS continue to be seen in the blackbird flock visiting the Philomath sewage treatment ponds (which require access permission from the Philomath Public Works office, hopefully others can provide a refresher on how to sign up). 

Thanks to Eugene birder Roger Robb for these latest reports. 

I haven't seen any recent reports of the Tundra Bean-Goose but at least one Brant has still been around in the McFadden Marsh area of Finley NWR. 

On the fake bird-news front, today while checking out accommodations for the Airlie-Albany Christmas Bird Count at Luckiamute State Natural Area, I heard several very convincing WESTERN WOOD-PEWEE calls, from a patch of woods where STARLINGS were flocking. You can't always believe what you hear. 

Joel Geier 
Camp Adair area north of Corvallis 

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