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Tue Jan 1 05:57:55 PST 2019

From: AGM - <agm.conlangsys at gmail.com> 
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2018 08:35:19 -0800 
Subject: [obol] Fine day at Baskett Slough NWR 

Hello all, 
Yesterday was a fine morning at Baskett Slough. I quite enjoyed the 
reasonable weather and it seemed to be a decent day for predatory birds, 
with Red-tailed Hawk, Bald Eagle, American Kestrel, Northern Harrier, and 
Northern Shrike. Regarding ducks, Mallards and Northern Pintails were in 
abundance, as well as much smaller numbers of Bufflehead, Ruddy Duck, and 
American Coot. 
There was a group of ten California Quail around the entrance to the south 
transect path. In the same area, I saw what I believed to be an Eastern 
Cottontail rabbit, but I have less experience identifying leporids. Not far 
south of the entrance to the transect path I saw the Northern Shrike on my 
way out and got a good look at it for a few minutes before it took off 
west. I wasn't sure I'd see one before the end of the year, but I'm glad I 

This was my first year birding, and this trip was a nice way to end it. 
This is also my first time posting to OBOL, please let me know if I've left 
out any important information or should be aware of anything else. 

Have a happy new year and I hope you all have many exciting experiences 
with birds in 2019! 

Alexander Meyer 
Albany, OR 

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