[birding] Fall migrants, late tanager

Don Boucher donaboucher at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 10:17:53 PDT 2018


On my morning commute, I heard, then saw a Western Tanager on 35th, between
Western Blvd & Philomath Blvd, Corvallis). There was also a Swainson's
Thrush calling in the brush off the bike path near the Corvallis Wastewater
Treatment Plant.

This week I've encountered a few small flocks of Yellow-rumped Warblers
around Corvallis. Last weekend (Sept. 23) Lisa and I heard a couple Fox
Sparrows softly singing, one near Hwy 99W & Circle and one at Willamette
Park. I heard a few more Fox Sparrow calls this morning. It seems the
number of Golden-crowned Sparrows is on the rise. I heard few of their
songs today.

Don Boucher

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