[birding] Teloh-Calapooia Park Area Period Update

Tue Sep 25 10:30:30 PDT 2018

Hi Folks,

This time period was a bit slow on bird activity; however what did show up was interesting: the final paragraph on the Violet Green Swallow nesting activity, a first ever for the yard/area, and first of the season (FOS) sightings. In addition, I was successful in collecting some seeds of locally very rare plants and got those into germination/starter beds to ultimately place back into safer zones in the City of Albany nature areas.

While preparing to leave for a day of volunteer activity for IAE, I heard some chirping overhead; looking up I spotted a lone Violet Green Swallow doing laps around the “supremo” lamp post and my yard. It was the only VGSW in the area, wasn’t doing its Chit-chit call, and was dancing in the air as it did its laps. I couldn’t tell whether it was mom, dad, or one of the juveniles happy to have made it through its first year. As I watched further, it finished its laps and flew off to the southwest towards the Calapooia area.

A first ever for the yard/area was identification of a first year drab Lark Sparrow feeding on the ground underneath the feeders. I had plenty of time to ID the bird. Later in the evening I saw another showing same, but not quite complete characteristics indicating more juvenile bird. These sightings indicate the possibility that a nest of Lark Sparrows may have happened in the area and the juveniles were moving around before their major movement. I haven’t seen them since the date in late August. The first of the brawlers/hooligans showed up yesterday; the Yellow Rump Warbler, a female Myrtle’s. Cedar Wax Wings have finally found my riparian area; they hit the Oregon Grape, Western Crabapple, Red Twig Dogwood (Cornus sericea occidentalis), Twin berry, and Blue Elderberry. The past few mornings, about a half hour before sunrise, I’ve heard the Swainson’s Thrush; no sightings yet this year. In addition, while about half way  between Shedd and Eugene, I saw a very large bird with white under side and grey on top side, launch off a pole and blitz into a field in an apparent chase. My guess it was a Gryfalcon with Joel suggesting a very large female Prairie Falcon. Given my efforts to stay on the road at the time, I couldn’t spend much time looking at the bird or its attack effort.

8/27 – Green Heron seen at its pond in the City of Albany nature area; it’s becoming a regular.

8/28 – First year drab version of Lark Sparrow see under feeders; later a more juvenile bird with similar markings seen in front prairie area of yard. Not seen since.

8/28 – Lone Violet Green Swallow doing laps around “supremo” lamp post and my yard; headed off to the southwest.

9/3 – First large group of Cedar Wax Wings in Teloh-Calapooia park (TCP) area seen this year.

9/13 – In TCP: first rough skinned newts seen on trails and female (likely) Great Horned Owl in her date tree; way early.

9/19 – Cedar Wax Wings finally found my riparian area.

9/23 – First Yellow Rump Warbler at my place; female Myrtle’s. Second morning in a row I’ve heard Swainson’s Thrushes half hour before sun rise.


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