[birding] Re: [obol] Not a birder anymore

Joel Geier joel.geier at peak.org
Sun Sep 23 10:54:58 PDT 2018

Thanks Mark but no, it's not even a hobby for me at this stage. 

To me a hobby implies something that you're putting time into for its
own sake. "Avid" birders are hobbyists who happen to be highly focused
on their hobby.

To clarify, I still plan to volunteer on BBS routes as a long-term
project that seems worthwhile for monitoring birds and their
conservation status. I'll keep doing CBCs for the same reason, plus I
like visiting those places and seeing the people who show up as
volunteers, year after year.

But as the years go by, I've found it harder and harder to identify with
hobbyists who can always find time to dash out to the local sewage ponds
if someone sees a bird that they "need" for their county year list, but
never seem to have time to help on habitat restoration. Or folks who can
point their scopes at birds right outside a prison fence without doing
anything to help those inside.

People are of course entitled to pursue their favorite hobby, whether
it's collecting stamps, building model railroads in your basement, or
traveling hundreds of miles to add one more species to your life list.
To each their own. This is a birding list and obviously there are a lot
of people here who are avid about birding, in varying degrees. I just
wish there was something similar for people who are avid about bird

On Sun, 2018-09-23 at 06:06 -0700, Braz wrote:
> I would proffer that you are now a hobby birder, no longer an avid
> birder.
> But I've been wrong before.
> Mark Brazelton
> Hobby Birder
> Medford, Oregon
> On Sat, Sep 22, 2018 at 10:00 PM Joel Geier <joel.geier at peak.org>
> wrote:
>         Friends,
>         It's been a good ride for the past twenty years or so. I thank
>         you for
>         the many things that I've learned along the way.
>         But I've reached the point where I no longer really care if
>         someone
>         finds a Louisiana Waterthrush or whatever in Benton County.
>         It's not
>         really meaningful even if it's real. It's just another stray
>         bird that
>         doesn't represent real conservation issues.
>         So no, I'm not a birder anymore. Please forgive me for that.
>         If you want to talk about bird conservation, I'm still here,
>         and I'm
>         listening.

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