[birding] Barn Swallow roost 9-18-2018 -- 20,000 birds

Paul Sullivan paultsullivan at onlinenw.com
Tue Sep 18 20:35:34 PDT 2018

This evening the Dayton BARN SWALLOW roost event appeared to be 20,000
birds, seen from 7:18 - 7:35.  Still spectacular.


Come see it!


Paul Sullivan


P.S.  I hear from another observer that there was a radar signature of a
fly-out from a roost south of Astoria this morning.  Check the radar
tomorrow morning and let's zero in on where that is located.


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Subject: Barn Swallow roost 9-17-2018 -- 150,000 birds


This Monday evening I drove out to Dorsey Rd. south of Dayton and parked
here 45.194740,-123.031879.


I watched from 7:20 - 7:38 against a brilliant flaming sunset as 150,000
BARN SWALLOWS went to roost in a cornfield 

here, behind a line of trees, at  45.192753,-123.037485.


This is a little south of the location I watched Sept 12.  Unfortunately
there are No Trespassing signs that will not permit one to drive further
south on Dorsey Rd to get past the tree line to have a completely
unobstructed view of the cornfield.


However, most of the show is in the sky as the birds whirl in a gyre before
going down.




Paul Sullivan


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