[birding] nuts, duos of jays and thrushes

alderspring at peak.org alderspring at peak.org
Sun Sep 16 20:46:14 PDT 2018

Those in scrub-jay country can find them gathering hazelnuts these days.
It's also the time of year they wander up to our elevation to find more.
Steller's Jays hunt these too, but in the past week they have been very busy
collecting chinquapin nuts-which to me surpass hazelnuts in flavor.
Band-tailed Pigeons are also busy in the chinquapin trees.  Surprising to
me, in the past few days our gray/Oregon/Canada Jays are joining the
Steller's Jays, even foraging in the same tree.  They aren't displaying
interspecies competition, and by vocalizations may even be cluing each other
into this food resource.

Not often here, but yesterday and today we got to hear both Swainson's
Thrush (getting late) and Varied Thrush (somewhat early) calling.  


Jim Fairchild

6 mi SW Philomath, Benton County 

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