[birding] Fwd: Large Vaux's swift roost in Albany

Joel Geier joel.geier at peak.org
Tue Sep 11 09:44:21 PDT 2018

Hi all,

John and Pat Tietjen got wind of a large Vaux's Swift roost in Albany.
Here's John's report from last night:
        There were a few people tonight over watching the Vaux's swifts
        taking roost at night in the chimney in back of the Takena
        elementary school in Albany ( 12th and Takena).  We got there
        late so didn't get even an approximate count, but I saw the last
        group of birds going in, there were hundreds dropping in just in
        the last 2 or 3 minutes.
        Could you message this out to people interested in seeing
        swifts?  Noticed that the Chat didn't have any reports this
        month of large roosts in the Albany-Corvallis area--this is the
        biggest one I've ever seen here.  Worth the trip over
Takena Elementary is southwest of the downtown area. If you're coming
from Corvallis by way of Hwy 20, the easiest way to get there is to keep
going straight on Ellsworth St. after you come over the bridge, then
where that street ends turn right onto Pacific Blvd, then turn right
again at the first stoplight (12th St.) and go west about 6-8 blocks
until you see the school on the left.

Happy swift-watching!

Joel Geier
Camp Adair area north of Corvallis

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