[birding] Eicher Rd Quarry (Linn County) Access Question - RT Loon, Redhead continue

Joel Geier joel.geier at peak.org
Sat Mar 31 17:32:41 PDT 2018

Hi Jenna & All,

Thanks for sharing your sighting of the Red-throated Loon, and other
birds that will be interesting for local birders. I'm also glad that you
raised the question about access, as several of us have been wondering
if the numerous reports from there were really legal. I've held off on
sharing most such sightings with the midvalley list, due to those

Someone (I forget who, but it should be in the midvalley and/or OBOL
list archives) recently posted an account of an encounter with a
purported landowner at this location. As I recall, the purported
landowner complained about hunters who had left trash there, and the
birder tried to do a good deed by picking up some of the trash that he

Which seemed like a good thing to me. Except that in rural Oregon (and
rural elsewhere), sometimes people who claim to be landowners are not
necessarily such. They might just be neighbors who have a sense of
ownership, or (understandably) might be fibbing a bit out of good
motivation, to try to reduce undesirable activity in their neighborhood.

To get at the truth in these situations, sometimes you need to go to the
county assessor's office, and look at the lot maps and tax records to
see who is the real owner. A lot of this stuff is on-line nowadays, for
most Oregon counties, but it's still a fair amount of work to do a
property search, and it would be good if there were a way to share this
with other birders who might be wondering.

Unfortunately eBird still doesn't have a good way to post information
about ownership and access rules, even for designated "hotspots" like

So the main alternative options are the "birding site guide" pages in
the BirdNotes database www.birdnotes.net (which are set up as a "wiki"
allowing birders to add their own notes), and Chuck Gates' "Birding
Oregon" website (hosted by East Cascades Audubon) at:
I know Chuck is very committed to maintaining this, and he always
appreciates input. Right now the Eicher Rd. quarry is missing from the
list of Linn County locations. So perhaps someone who goes there
regularly could send Chuck a brief description of the site, and the
results of any research on ownership/access permission.

Good birding,

On Sat, 2018-03-31 at 13:10 -0700, Jenna Curtis wrote:
> The Red-throated Loon at Eicher Rd. Quarry outside Albany continues today,
> along with at least one male Redhead, a male Common Goldeneye (on far side
> by sand pile), and several flyover LB Dowitcher. We were unable to relocate
> the Western/Clark's Grebe or Tricolored Blackbirds previously reported.
> While sitting in the car at the short roadside pullout nearest the eBird
> hotspot (approximately https://goo.gl/maps/UkkAJWhAMkz), a county sheriff
> arrived and politely informed us we were parked on private property and
> needed to leave.
> I am personally unfamiliar with this birding location. I assumed most
> birders park at that pullout and bird the quarry lake from the top of the
> berm alongside the road (based on the Hotspot location here:
> https://ebird.org/hotspot/L3067371). However, after learning that roadside
> area is the private property of Knife River corporation, I am unsure how
> birders are otherwise able to view the south end of the lake, where the
> Hotspot pin is placed.
> Could someone with more experience with that area please share where
> birders commonly park and bird the quarry lake? Since this appears to be a
> popular and regularly visited location on eBird, I'm sure someone has a
> better idea of public access at this location than me!
> Thanks very much for the help. Happy birding,
> Jenna
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Joel Geier
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