[birding] Eicher Rd Quarry (Linn County) Access Question - RT Loon, Redhead continue

Jenna Curtis thejennabird at gmail.com
Sat Mar 31 13:10:51 PDT 2018

The Red-throated Loon at Eicher Rd. Quarry outside Albany continues today,
along with at least one male Redhead, a male Common Goldeneye (on far side
by sand pile), and several flyover LB Dowitcher. We were unable to relocate
the Western/Clark's Grebe or Tricolored Blackbirds previously reported.

While sitting in the car at the short roadside pullout nearest the eBird
hotspot (approximately https://goo.gl/maps/UkkAJWhAMkz), a county sheriff
arrived and politely informed us we were parked on private property and
needed to leave.

I am personally unfamiliar with this birding location. I assumed most
birders park at that pullout and bird the quarry lake from the top of the
berm alongside the road (based on the Hotspot location here:
https://ebird.org/hotspot/L3067371). However, after learning that roadside
area is the private property of Knife River corporation, I am unsure how
birders are otherwise able to view the south end of the lake, where the
Hotspot pin is placed.

Could someone with more experience with that area please share where
birders commonly park and bird the quarry lake? Since this appears to be a
popular and regularly visited location on eBird, I'm sure someone has a
better idea of public access at this location than me!

Thanks very much for the help. Happy birding,

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