[birding] Fwd: Heron rookery in Salem

Joel Geier joel.geier at peak.org
Sun Mar 18 07:33:52 PDT 2018

From:Patrick Gallagher
Sent: Thursday, March 15, 2018 2:54 PM
Subject: [obol] Heron rookery in Salem

Today I spotted a heron rookery new to me.  

It is just north of the State Emergency Center (corner of State and
Hawthorne in Salem).   Best viewing and parking would be on Pipebend
Place, a street just north of State/Hawthorne junction.   

There are three nests visible.  I only saw two herons.  

I'm used to seeing rookeries along the Willamette, but not at this
location. Mill Creek is nearby, as well as some wet fields.   (This
was/is Jeff Harding's lunchtime birding area, and he may know if herons
are new or not.)

Patrick Gallagher

Joel Geier
Camp Adair area north of Corvallis

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