[birding] Fwd: Polk County Kites, Trumpeter Swan, Rough-legged Hawks

Joel Geier joel.geier at peak.org
Sun Mar 18 07:30:16 PDT 2018

From: Roy Gerig <roygerig at gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2018 12:29:11 -0700
Subject: [obol] Polk County Kites, Trumpeter Swan, Rough-legged Hawks

Bill Tice's mention this morning of a pied, part albino Red-tailed Hawk
near Maple grove reminded me to go check that area for White-tailed Kite
and Trumpeter Swan before the TRUS will go north and I don't think we
are sure about the status of WTKI in Polk County these days.  I often
miss both species for an entire year in Oregon.

I did not see the pied RTHA, but didn't really look for it other than to
slow down as I went over the Luckiamute Bridge.  There were 3 SWANS
along Airlie Rd near Tarter Rd. one was a TRUMPETER and two were
TUNDRAS,  Three Swans along here have been variously reported on ebird
as 3 TRUS or 1 TRUS and 2 TUSW in recent weeks.  A reminder on Swan ID:
When side by side, TRUS is noticeably larger and when these three walked
side by side this morning, the TRUS was nearly a foot taller, and
bulkier, than the TUSW, in additiion to other well known field marks
which I could see well.  Lack of a yellow spot is not proof of

Two WHITE-TAILED KITES were near Priem Road, a mile from there.  One
looked to be younger than the other.  I first saw them perched in the
scattered row of deciduous trees that continues west from the 90 degree
turn on Priem Rd, 15 minutes later I saw the fully adult Kite flying
over the pavement where Priem begins.

There were 2 ROUGH-LEGGED HAWKS in the area, one further down that row
of deciduous trees, and another along Tarter Rd where I found no Kites.
Bill and I used to find them regularly there

Roy Gerig, Salem OR

Joel Geier
Camp Adair area north of Corvallis

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