[birding] Injured Bald Eagle

Frank Kolwicz fhkolwicz1 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 14:15:36 PDT 2018

I found Bruce, the vineyard manager for Van Duzer Winery, parked along 
Smithfield Rd. around noon today and he flagged me down to prevent my 
driving by from further disturbing aninjured mature Bald Eagle that was 
in the grass on the bank. He had already contacted a wildlife rehab 
place and was getting help from another VanDuzer employee to bring a 

I have no follow-up, but, if you bird in that area, maybe it's 
appropriate to stop by the vineyard tasting room and pass your thanks 
along to Bruce and his colleague, and to the winery for allowing them to 
take the time to do this noble work.

in Monmouth

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