[birding] nesting hummers

Nancy Stotz nstotznew at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 11:36:00 PST 2018

Last Saturday, 24 Feb, my husband and I watched a female Anna's Hummingbird
collecting cattail fluff near the start of the Betty Griffiths Trail in NW
Corvallis. She disappeared around a corner, so we didn't actually see her
take it to an under-construction nest, but I assume that is what she was

This morning, I noticed a female Anna's sitting on a nest about 25 feet
above the ground in a Deodora cedar in our neighbor's yard (again NW
Corvallis, but almost a half-mile from where the other hummer was seen
collecting fluff). She is mostly sitting on the nest, occasionally zipping
away for a brief break. I have not seen any indication she is feeding young
yet, so I'd guess she is still sitting on eggs. But, the view from my
living room should let me keep close tabs on the nest's progress.

Our house is far enough above the neighbor's that we are looking fairly
straight across at the nest, but as it is pretty far away, photos from my
camera are heavily cropped. For what it's worth, the first batch are posted

Nancy Stotz

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