[birding] Keizer Rapids Park Bird Walk Report

Mike Unger unger730 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 13 16:28:41 PDT 2017

*Keizer Rapids Park Bird Walk Report*

Today, Carolyn and I were joined by five (5) other birdwatchers, for our
annual Salem Audubon - West Keizer Neighborhood Association bird walk at
Keizer Rapids Park.  We walked just over two miles covering the path to the
east of the parking lot near the boat ramp, the boat dock itself and then
into the forested area to the west of the parking lot.  The group was met
overcast skies with just a few raindrops and some wind at times.  The
temperature ranged from 49 to 50 degrees for the entire walk.  The bird
activity was quite good overall as we identified (seen and/or heard) a
total of 31 species.

The highlights were as follows:

-       There were waves of *Cackling Geese* migrating south as we saw
about 4,000 geese;

-       The *Golden-crowned Sparrows* were in huge flocks moving about the
bushes.  We saw at least 50 Golden-crowned Sparrows but not a single

-       We heard a single *California Quail *along the main trail to the

-       We saw an adult *Bald Eagle*, *Cooper’s Hawk* and *Red-tailed Hawk*
near the Willamette River;

-       One birder heard a *Green Heron* near the river; and

-       A few in the group saw a pair of *Fox Sparrows*.

The next field trip is the Ankeny NWR field trip on *Sunday, October 15th
at 8:00 AM.*  Meet at the Overlook off of Ankeny Hill Road.  The next *SAS
Shorts* is at Brown’s Ferry Park on *Thursday, October 26th at 8:30 AM.*
Meet at the Airport Road Park and Ride, as the Kmart lot we have used for
years is no longer available. The park and ride is located on the east side
of Airport Road, between Mission and State Streets, next to the State Motor
Pool and just south of the bridge over Mill Creek. To reach the park and
ride from Kmart, go east on Mission Street to Airport Road (the first
stoplight east of 25th Street) and turn left. Follow Airport Road north one
block to the park and ride. Note that there are no restrooms at this
site.   Please join us if you can.

*Important Announcement:  *The Westminster Festival of Fine Art runs this
Friday through Sunday at the Presbyterian Church located at 3737 Liberty Rd
S in Salem. See the poster below for more information. Douglas Beall's
artworks are in this art show including great bird tiles, cards and prints
for holiday gifts. As many of you know Doug has provided most of the bird
photos for our intermediate birding workshops. Please support his efforts
by checking out and buying some of his fantastic artworks. Thanks.

Mike Unger

Keizer, OR

*Keizer Rapids Park Checklist Summary for October 13, 2017*

*Identified Species: 31*

4000 Cackling Goose
3 Canada Goose
22 Mallard
1 California Quail
3 Great Blue Heron
1 Green Heron
1 Cooper's Hawk
1 Bald Eagle
1 Red-tailed Hawk
1 Glaucous-winged Gull
1 Mourning Dove
1 Anna's Hummingbird
2 Downy Woodpecker
3 Northern Flicker
11 Steller's Jay
2 California Scrub-Jay
6 American Crow
5 Black-capped Chickadee
3 Brown Creeper
1 Bewick's Wren
1 Ruby-crowned Kinglet
9 American Robin
10 European Starling
7 Yellow-rumped Warbler
2 Fox Sparrow
50 Golden-crowned Sparrow
3 Song Sparrow
1 Spotted Towhee
20 Red-winged Blackbird
1 House Finch
20 American Goldfinch
2 passerine sp.

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