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BIRDER’S NIGHT - Tuesday, September 12, 2017
The Carrier Room - First United Methodist Church, 600 State Street, Salem –6:30 pm

Note:  Although Birder’s Night is still in its traditional location in the Carrier Room 
of the First United Methodist Church, we are no longer able to enter from Church Street.
Go around the corner to the Sanctuary entrance at 600 State; continue to follow the 
walkway around the church and enter through the adjoining office building.  There will 
be guides and signs to direct you.
During spring 2017 Jonathan Pope explored Scotland and Ireland. Moving through 
Scotland’s landscapes from the Highlands, to lochs, moors, fens and urban parks, 
and from Ireland’s hedgerows, peatlands, remnant lowland old growth forest, to its 
famous wild southwest coast, he began to realize that the distribution of the birds 
we see today is intimately tied to the UK’s long history of human culture and adaptation.

At Birder’s Night, 6:30 pm, Tuesday, October 10, Jonathan will present his 
interpretation of this story through images of the birds and the avian and human 
habitats of these history-rich terrains. 
Jonathan has taught school from elementary through university level in the Willamette 
and the San Joaquin valleys. He has presented talks on human landscape usage for the 
Salem Audubon and the Straub Environmental Center. He has published a study on English 
Ivy removal in the Restoration Highlights journal of the Northwest Chapter of the Society
for Ecological Restoration, and an article for Popular Science magazine called the 
“The Wonder of Seeds”.   In Woodburn he established outdoor ponds and a 1.6 acre 
meadow/hedgerow with his fellow teachers and students at local schools. For years, he 
took students outdoors to do fieldwork during class periods and after school to study 
these ecosystems. He enjoys helping people of all ages better understand how to 
interpret and modify local landscapes for the mutual benefit of humans and wildlife.
We are fortunate that he will apply this knowledge to Ireland and Scotland and share 
his pictures and conclusions with us.

Birder’s Night is held monthly from September through May.  The program begins promptly 
at 6:30 PM.  A sharing of bird sightings and discussion, for those who wish to 
participate, will follow the formal program.  Birder’s Night is supported in part by a 
Conservation Learning Education and Resource (CLEAR) Grant from the Marion Soil and 
Water Conservation District.  Additional audience donations are welcome to help pay 
for our new Epson Pro Projector which will provide higher quality video for this 
year’s programs.

Eugenia Becker
Chair, Salem Audubon Birder's Night Committee
heronflight99 at gmail.com    

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