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Linda Fink linda at fink.com
Wed Dec 6 17:59:34 PST 2017

My experience with trapping rats is you'll get the first couple, then 
the others get trap smart. Changing where you put the traps might help 
some. I gave up trapping when I caught a song sparrow in one.

Fortunately, we have few rats although they do occasionally move into 
the chicken house. Johnny shoots them. Guess you can't do that in town.

The ground feeding birds keep the seed cleaned up under the feeders so 
we don't have rats there. That includes our guinea hen who leaves no 
seed uneaten. She will also attack anything small that moves so maybe 
that's another reason we don't have rats there. She herds the quail 
around, too, but they've learned how to avoid her.

And we have resident Barn Owls, but they seem to prefer meadow voles.

Linda in SW Yamhill County

On 12/6/2017 3:04 PM, Stephanie Hazen wrote:
> Hello All,
> My suggestion is to use large sized snap traps baited with bacon
> or other odiferous material tied on with wire.
> Place traps where rats live and eat.
> Check traps twice a day, and freeze dead rats to give to your local
> wildlife rehabbers or to a falconer.
> While we do not have rats, we have given numerous trapped mice
> to Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center in Salem.
> Mice invade our garage, so we trap periodically.
> Stephanie Hazen
> Salem
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