[birding] Corvallis CBC preliminary results

Marcia F. Cutler marciafcutler at comcast.net
Thu Dec 22 20:19:57 PST 2016

Participants in the Corvallis CBC were particularly pleased by the pleasant weather on the count date, Tuesday, Dec. 21, 2016.  After a cold snap, starting the previous Wednesday, left a thin but dangerous layer of snow and ice in the region, a warm front accompanied by rain washed it all away Monday night. A few lingering showers in the morning and then the skies cleared for a nice, dry, mild count day. 


However, most teams reporting finding fewer than normal numbers of birds. The total species count of 124 species is a bit lower than most counts since 2006 (average about 127 – 128 with high last year of 132).  Only 2013, when 122 species were recorded, is lower. However, prior to 2006, most counts averaged less than 120 species.


Highlights include (number of previous counts seen):


Say’s Phoebe (1) – seen on Pigeon Butte, Finley NWR. Area closed until April, but it may show up along Bruce Rd.

Nashville Warbler (2) – at a feeder near Good Samaritan Hospital

Clay-colored Sparrow (2) – on Kiger Island, by Isaac Denzer and friends (posted on OBOL)

Sandhill Crane  (1) – heard only

Lesser Yellowlegs (new) – brief glimpse, but well-heard flight call, Tangent Sewage Ponds

Burrowing Owl (14) – south of Corvallis, area not accessible by public

Redhead (7) – Philomath Sewage Ponds

Western Grebe (14) – Willamette River

Gray Jay (9)

Red Fox Sparrow – Philomath Sewage Pond


Like many other counts, PINE SISKINS (42) were missed. Other misses include:

Greater White-fronted Goose (33)

Trumpeter Swan (9) – seen earlier at Finley NWR, may be count-week bird

Ruffed Grouse (31)

White-tailed Kite (36)




Shorebirds and gulls were scarce. A gull flock near Peoria had Mew, Ring-billed, California and 1 Herring Gull. Glaucous-winged Gull was the only other gull species identified, though 1 “Olympic” Gull was seen and several gulls went unidentified.

Marcia F. Cutler


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