[birding] Camera recommendations in a dSLR

Paul Rentz prentz2 at comcast.net
Sat Dec 10 23:35:24 PST 2016

I sent Jacob a personal email on the subject of 'camera recommendations' for
a dSLR, it's such a wide field. I would have a very hard time trying 'birds
in flight' with any P&S. although they'll work for 'sitting shots'. There
are setups you can start with within Jacob's price range and the
recommendation on Canon refurbs is so true. I've bought some direct from
Canon and you'd be hard pressed to tell they're refurbs from new, just the
box is different- with the same warranty as new. Nikon offers a 90 day
warranty on refurbs and generally doesn't have as wide a selection- not
knocking Nikon, they'd be fine as well. Right now their better basic
70-300mm is priced at $320, a HUGE savings from new. That's the better lens
with IS. The next jump would be an $1,100 lens. Without refurbs it would be
very hard for me to think of a package for under $700. 

Cameras at
as  Their T5i would be a reasonable starter and right now with a basic kit
lens it's less than body only $349. 

Lenses are at

Anyone else have quetions, you can email me directly at prentz2 at comcast.net 


Paul Rentz


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