[birding] Fwd: Santiam Pass / Pacific Crest Trail birds

Joel Geier joel.geier at peak.org
Mon Oct 19 04:21:42 PDT 2015

From: jake schas <yellowlegs at hotmail.com>
To: Central Oregon Birders <cobol at lists.oregonstate.edu>
Subject: [COBOL] Three Fingered Jack birdees

I went for a hike on the PCT northbound from Santiam Pass. Went till the
scree/talus field on the western flank of 3FJ, about 5 trail miles.
No Pine Grosbeaks or Gray Jays found. Varied Thrush were all over once
one enter the green trees. In the old burn area Golden-crown Sparrows,
Juncos, Hermit Thrush were found, with a few Golden-crown Kinglets near
the trailhead. I might have heard a Brown Creeper, but the marauding
flock of juncos, chickadees,red-breasted nuthatches and ravens drowned
out the bird. There were raptors way up high, no ID on them.
The species:
Varied Thrush-50
Hermit Thrush-4
Golden-crowned Kinglet-8
Golden-crowned Sparrow-12
White-breasted Nuthatch-1
Grouse-1- I guess a Sooty
Clark's Nutcrackers-5
Redtail Hawk-2
Red-breasted Nuthatch-6
Mountain Chickadees-4
Chestnut-backed Chickadees 3 

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