[birding] Sounds like Saw-whet owl

kolwicz at minetfiber.com kolwicz at minetfiber.com
Tue Oct 13 18:02:41 PDT 2015

I've been hearing continuous, monotonous "tooting" that lasts for a minute
at a time or more in a small patch of oaks at the back of some vineyards
north of Baskett Slough for the last couple of days. I first heard it
about 4:30 PM on Saturday and again today around 1 PM. The area around the
oaks is composted of fields and vines with miles of open spaces, not what
I've read about their habitat. No response to a brief playback.

Is there anything else that makes a similar kind of sound, a squirrel,
perhaps? I have heard them "barking" in that area, but this is more

in Monmouth

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