[birding] Advice on purchasing a scope and/or do you have a used scope for sale

Sandy & Don Kuhns dnskuhns at comcast.net
Sat Oct 10 15:30:58 PDT 2015

Knowing there are folks on this list who may have good advice and/or be
interested in selling a used scope, we thought it be worth putting this
request out there. 

We are looking for a spotting scope for birding.  We are recreational
birders who have never owned a scope.  Our basic criteria are:
* We have good binos and would use a scope for viewing distant birds such as
waterfowl, raptors and viewing smaller birds such as shorebirds.
* Portability is pretty important as we will want to carry the scope/tripod
short distances - weight and bulk are important considerations.
* Our price range is around $500-$1000, including tripod - looking for
quality without breaking the bank.
* Would certainly consider buying a quality used scope for less.

Don & Sandy
dnskuhns at comcast.net

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