[birding] 33 Wood Ducks

kolwicz at minetfiber.com kolwicz at minetfiber.com
Mon Oct 5 16:54:54 PDT 2015

All those Wood Ducks on one small pond north of Baskett Slough!

I've often tried to photograph even one Wood Duck without success, the shy
devils! I went to this private pond looking for wads of Great Egrets, but
only found 60 of them, and then Wood Ducks started coming out of the
bushes, one or two here, 5 or more there until there were at least 33 of
them in the water and on low branches loafing about. Most were males,
either in full regalia or approaching it and I suppose that most of them
will be gone for the winter, but I hope a few will linger through whatever
bad weather we get.

in Monmouth

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