[birding] Redhead and blackhead

howard bruner hbrunerh at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 24 15:53:23 PDT 2014

PPP yesterday 10 23, had 3 redheads (1 male in mostly alternate plumage), at least 10 eared grebes, 9 GWF geese, several l scaup, and the darkest peregrine falcon I have ever seen.  Its head was almost entirely black.  Lots of RNDU, NSHO, RUDU, GWTE, a few NOPI, a couple GADW, but I could not locate the canvasback that I found a week ago and had to look hard to find a few MALL.

Today up near Lewisburg Saddle the rain started when I arrived around 11:00 but that did not keep a flock of 25 evening grosbeak, 12 gray jay, several red crossbill, ravens, and gc kinget, b wren, song sparrow, rb nuthatch, s jays, and robins from proceeding on.  The rain beetles were very active even in the wind and precip. and I found out what those horns on their head are good for when I cupped my hand over one. 


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