[birding] tangent eagle roost 11-29-14

Steve Seibel sseibel999 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 30 15:06:24 PST 2014

Saturday evening I observed the Bald eagle roost near Tangent-- my peak
count was 59 eagles, at 4:55 PM.  Eagles were arriving as late as 5:05 but
by then darkness was interfering with my ability to count the birds.  I'm
sure my count was an undercount because some of the eagles were in an area
where the tree branches, though leafless, were dense enough to form a
partial visual barrier.  As in the past, I noticed that the eagles were
more spread out among the trees nearer sunset and left some trees to form a
more consolidated grouping as it got darker.

This was my first evening visit to the roost area this season.

Steve Seibel

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