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Hi John,
Great photo! I work at Finley and yes, we do band songbirds there. I work with USGS at a MAPS station on Pigeon Butte where we have seen an increasing number of WB Nuthatches after oak restoration efforts. This bird was banded near the office at a demo we did for a group of visiting biology students from Purdue University, a few of which were from Sweden. The pair is often at the feeder, they likely nest in the oaks next to the office with the Acorn Woodpeckers. I saw a few juvs with them at the feeder last summer.

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Hanging out at HQ feeders....anyone know anything about this banded WB Nuthatch? I'm just curious if the bird was banded in an onsite project or what. Photo at www.birdingoregon.com/sightings.html

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