[birding] Peoria Backyard Big Year, week 25

M & R Campbell campbell at peak.org
Mon Jun 24 08:00:08 PDT 2013

Species identified during week 25 (June 16 to June 22) of my Backyard Big Year in Peoria, beside the Willamette River, in Linn County: 
(New birds are in caps. Numbers indicate total weeks listed. N denotes a species whose nest has been detected this year on or near the property--say, within a stone's throw.  F denotes a species seen to be feeding newly fledged young.  P denotes a species which is known to have nested on the property in past years but whose nests have gone undetected this year.)

Wood Duck 20,   N
Hooded Merganser 18  (nested on the far side of the river, I think)
Great-blue Heron 17
Turkey Vulture 15
Osprey 13
Bald Eagle 24
Killdeer 25,   P 
Spotted Sandpiper 16,   N
Eurasian Collared-Dove 25
Mourning Dove 25
Rufous Hummingbird 15,  P
Belted Kingfisher 24
Red-breasted Sapsucker 15,  P
Downy Woodpecker 25,  F,P
Hairy Woodpecker 11
Northern Flicker 25
American Kestrel 6 
Western Wood-Peewee 6,  P
Willow flycatcher 5
Western Scrub-Jay 25,  P
American Crow 19
Northern Rough-winged Swallow, 4
Tree Swallow 17,  N
Violet-green Swallow 15, N
Barn Swallow 11,  N
Cliff Swallow 10,  P
Black-capped Chickadee 25,  N
Bushtit 22,  P
Brown Creeper 21, N
House Wren 9, N
Bewick's Wren 25,  P
Swainson's Thrush 7
American Robin 25,  N
European Starling 25, N
Cedar Waxwing 7,  N
Common Yellowthroat 11, P
Yellow Warbler 8,  N
Spotted Towhee 25,  F, P
Song Sparrow 25,  N
Black-headed Grosbeak 9,  P
Red-winged Blackbird 25
Brewer's Blackbird 19  N
Brown-headed Cowbird 16 (Breeding, but neither nesting nor feeding)
Bullock's Oriole 9  N  
House Finch 25,  N
American Goldfinch 16
House Sparrow 25,  N

Year to date: 121

We also had White-breasted Nuthatches in a box that they have used in the past.  They were already feeding several weeks ago, though there seems to be no sign of them now.  A pair of adult Spotted Sandpipers are guarding at least four chicks down on our gravel beach.  They run off other sandpipers (of which there are at least four in the area) and Brewer's Blackbirds, but don't seem bothered by the Killdeer.
Thursday, I think, a family of 5 Kingfishers were sitting on the same log on the far side of the river.

Randy Campbell

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