[birding] Santiam BBS route quick totals

Joel Geier joel.geier at peak.org
Sat Jun 22 15:51:36 PDT 2013

Hi all,

Thanks to Linda Fink for letting me know that we were supposed to be
doing a Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) route this morning, not a Christmas
Bird Count (CBC). I guess I got the solstices mixed up. Thank goodness
that I won't have to send the regional CBC compiler rare bird reports
for 99 Swainson's Thrushes, all without photo documentation!

Anyway here are the quick totals from what turns out to be my 10th year
of running this survey. The route starts on BLM land but much of it runs
through private industrial timberland. Some of the stop descriptions
that I wrote down in 2004 are no longer very useful, as former clearcuts
have grown into 10-year-old stands of "reprod," while some areas that
used to be well-shaded "mature timber" with WINTER -- er, PACIFIC WRENS
under every clump of ferns are now stump-n-slash pastures hosting HOUSE
WRENS instead.

WILLOW FLYCATCHERS and LAZULI BUNTINGS continue to increase their
numbers in some of the younger reprod areas. For comparison, in 2004 I
found just 3 Willow Flycatchers and no Lazuli Buntings on this route
(they weren't even on the data sheet, having been found on only one of
the five previous counts). Today I had several stops where several
Willow Flycatchers were calling from seemingly all sides.

Some other numbers in here seem a little strange, but might be flukes of
the time/conditions of the survey. 

We noticed on the drive up yesterday afternoon that AMERICAN ROBINS were
abundant just about everywhere along the forest roads, but this morning
I only heard a few in the first half of the route. If we added in all
the ones that we saw yesterday afternoon, in places where they weren't
singing this morning, the total would be over 100.

Happy birding,

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Date: June 22, 2013
Location: Crabtree Creek drainage, Linn County, Oregon

Low temperature: 43 degrees fahrenheit High temperature: 70 degrees fahrenheit
Wind direction: Variable
Prevailing wind speed: < 1 km/h gusting to: 6-11 km/h
Percentage of sky covered by clouds: 10%
Precipitation: none

Provisional totals from Santiam BBS route, Crabtree Lake to Lacomb
area. The route is mainly in the Crabtree Creek drainage but about 10
stops are over the ridge in the Roaring River drainage.

Species seen during route or while scouting, but not recorded during
point counts included: BARRED OWL (seen on BLM forest land on divide
between Roaring River and Crabtree Creek on the way in on 21 June),
VAUX'S SWIFT (at Crabtree Lake evening before count), and CALIFORNIA
QUAIL (pair in Roaring River County Park), plus mammals BLACK-TAILED

Birds seen (in taxonomic order):

Wild Turkey                         6 [1] 
California Quail [2] 
Great Blue Heron                    1 [3] 
Turkey Vulture                      3
Osprey                              3 [4] 
Red-tailed Hawk
Spotted Sandpiper                   1 [5] 
Band-tailed Pigeon                  4 [6] 
Barred Owl [7] 
Common Nighthawk                    1
Rufous Hummingbird                  2
Red-breasted Sapsucker              3
Downy Woodpecker                    1
Hairy Woodpecker
Pileated Woodpecker
Olive-sided Flycatcher              3
Western Wood-Pewee                  8
Willow Flycatcher                  25
Hammond's Flycatcher                2
Pacific-slope Flycatcher           24
Warbling Vireo                     14
Steller's Jay                       9
American Crow                       2
Common Raven                        5
Tree Swallow                        1
Violet-green Swallow                2
Barn Swallow                        2
Black-capped Chickadee              2
Chestnut-backed Chickadee           5
Bushtit                             2
Red-breasted Nuthatch               4
Brown Creeper                       1
Bewick's Wren                       6
House Wren                          3
Winter Wren                        51
Golden-crowned Kinglet             13
Swainson's Thrush                  99
Hermit Thrush                       1 [8] 
American Robin                     54
Varied Thrush                      28
European Starling                  16
Cedar Waxwing                       6
Orange-crowned Warbler              3
Black-throated Gray Warbler         8
Hermit Warbler                     17
MacGillivray's Warbler              1
Common Yellowthroat                 3
Wilson's Warbler                   12
Yellow-breasted Chat                1
Western Tanager                     3
Spotted Towhee                     16
Chipping Sparrow                    1
Savannah Sparrow                    1
Song Sparrow                       18
White-crowned Sparrow               6
Dark-eyed Junco                     8
Black-headed Grosbeak               2
Lazuli Bunting                      8
Red-winged Blackbird                1
Brown-headed Cowbird                1
Purple Finch                        3
House Finch                         4
Pine Siskin                         7 [9] 
American Goldfinch                 11
Evening Grosbeak                    1


[1]  Six apparently wild birds near trout farm on Roaring River, also
     one paler bird, apparently a domestic, that was trying to
     associate with them but unable to keep up when they saw us and
[2]  Roaring River Park
[3]  Flying up Crabtree Creek
[4]  Roaring River Fish Hatchery and park
[5]  Crabtree Creek
[6]  About 25 more birds were seen outside of point counts.
[7]  Seen while scouting route on BLM forest land between Roaring
     River and Crabtree Creek drainage, close to where we found a
     pair for this BBS a few years ago.
[8]  Singing before dawn at first stop near Crabtree Lake.
[9]  Seemed to be a lot nesting around Lacomb.

Total number of species seen: 64

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