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Sat Jun 22 12:44:05 PDT 2013

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From: Bob Altman <baltman at abcbirds.org>
Subject: 14 Grasshopper Sparrows on Willamette Valley ranch
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2013 15:05:44 -0700

This morning I detected 14 Grasshopper Sparrows (i.e., independent
singing males) on  a private cattle/sheep ranch in the southeastern
Willamette Valley south of Brownsville.  Was not able to access one area
so likely could have been a few more around.  Also flushed a female off
a nest with two just hatched young and two eggs.  Only 5 Oregon Vesper
Sparrows, the target bird. 

I had visited this place back in the mid 1990s and had a few Grasshopper
Sparrows, but more Vesper Sparrows.

At this point, I have detected over 60 Grasshopper Sparrows in the
southern Willamette Valley since early May this year with a couple more
places to visit before the end of the month. 

Bob Altman
American Bird Conservancy
311 NE Mistletoe
Corvallis, Oregon 97330
baltman at abcbirds.org

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